Journaling and goal setting, for the eccentric:

Do you like to play life fast and loose? Are you just as likely to follow the herd as you are to be outcast for your unorthodox opinions on ritual sacrifice? And most importantly, is maintaining straightforward goals and plans a tall order for on the best of days? If so, I sure hope you have a journal to anchor you some.

For me it’s been legitimately life changing to have one with every week getting a bit busier in all the best ways. It took a while to start one because I had always viewed journals more as log books/diaries and just never saw the appeal. That is until I worked a bullshit job for a bit, and only had my wits and a journal to keep me occupied. I racked my mind as to any sort of stimulating mental exercises I could engage in with only pencil and paper, and found more than I could ever imagine.

Once I week I spend an extended time (like an hour) brainstorming new experiences, objectives, habits and try to fill two pages with them. Then every day I look at the list and write as many as I think are possible on a separate notepad, and attempt to finish them. It’s a large mix of activities including: physical exercises, healthy eating, socializing, confidence building, learning, business, creative, and of course the strange side quests. Anything not finished that week is transferred to the next week, and there are no duplicate items.

It’s important not to beat yourself up about missing some from week to week, but to also make it a point to complete at least half of the leftover tasks and to prioritize the most overdue. On top of unstructured weekly planning, there is sporadic rambling throughout! I have a Homestuck classpects puff piece in the works, and a few other blog posts scattered throughout it. Of course the odd scribble here, drawing there, and even business ideas!

It’s done me wonders, maybe it will for you to? Maybe even throw out the traditional journal/diary format altogether if you’re a purist like I was. You might be surprised what you can think.


Hi! I'm Doma and I've been rotting for the last few years!
I've recently decided that dying before I'm dead would be pretty fucking lame, so after a couple weeks of wrestling with the old way of seeing things, I successfully gaslit myself into having hope again.

Content creation has never really been something I wanted to do, in fact due to several bad experiences: it was terrifying.Creative writing, art, video editing... all things that I told myself I could never do myself due to lacking in creativity. Well as one might expect of a defeatist I never even tried to learn, not even a doodle on a notebook (and it shows now haha). This is made quite silly by the fact I was (and still am) a maladaptive daydreamer. In fact the entire reason I picked up art was because the daydreams were getting invasive, and I needed a way to keep them in check. Works pretty well, so the current score is Schizophrenia 0 me 1.

Anyways when I finally realized that the only thing that had ever stopped me was my own insecurities I beat myself up pretty bad, and picked up the pieces as I usually do. And so started my gradual descent into creating... stuff for whoever may be interested. There is still a voice in the back of my head telling me its too late to change who I am, but that line sounds an awful lot like another one I am famaliar with.

I doubt I'll find success at web design, art, video making, and writing (I am not talented) but with enough time and determination I think I can make some things I'm proud of. And with any luck, I stumble on some job opportunities as I refine some of my skills.