Picture of me cosplaying Sollux


You seem LOST guy. Which is what you should getting to - lost that is.

See this particular page belongs to ME both the incorporated individual, and the representative for such Incorporated Individual. As a SOVEREIGN NETIZEN I CAN and WILL inflict all sorts of DIGITAL WOE and unleash my HACKERMAN skills upon you.


While checking my neighbors mail for them, I discovered this in their Sunday comics! Clearly they knew about my disdain for Dilbert and the infamous "Family Circus" and have joined forces with all the ne'er-do-wells stalking me.

Name: John Norman
Height: Short
Weight: N/A
Appearance: have you ever seen the movie gremlins?
AKA: Doma

Subject is known to frequent odd shops filled with weird trinkets and the smell of old people. Behaviour is erratic and generally concerning.Your mission is to replace his milk jugs with empty ones when he sleeps.

He is gaining weight and we are concerned for his well being.
Clearly this is the work of some upstart Tyrant trying to take my freedoms away. They know I'm on a bulk right now.


Private Project Archive
The PP Archive is critical to my resistance against all sorts of bioluminescent actors that lurk the infomercial superhallway. Here I will store information about gardening I learn, any art I make, and information about any thing else I consider interesting.

Productivity App
Like it says on the tin, I'm going to custom build myself a productivity app because all the ones ive seen on the market SUCK.

Adventures in Gardening
Here I keep all I learn about sticking it to big agriculture and their GMO food that keeps millions fed. What monsters. Coming soon!

Skynet development
AI is here and if I don't let it know how best to make my beefstew it'll mess it up and make it mid. And I personally don't want mid-stew coursing through my veins when Skynet eventually misunderstands what I meant by "I would literally die without beef stew". Also, Coming soon!



jReg is a regular guy, a normal guy. He used to be mentally ill, and before that hyperpolitical. But he's jRegular now.

I keep an eye on China, because sooner or later they will come back to take my made-in-china slippers. These two freedom fighters talk about it!

Folding Ideas DESTROYED NFTs with FACTS and LOGIC and a SOBER MINDSET ABOUT INVESTING AND TECHNOLOGY. He also does other extremely well made videos that I feel most people would be smarter for having watched.



Working on certificates and decided to touch up the site again! Nothing visually has changed much, but I've swapped out a lot of embarrassingly bad code for some flexboxes. I also worked out a couple kinks with some of the javascript for a smoother scrolling experience. Sometime this week I'll fix that. Readability is important and I'm going to start thinking more about accessibility like screen readers.


Okay the site is at a servicable point, and keeping it as my main focus would be against the point of using the site as a jumping off point. I'll still update from time to time, but there will probably be one more big effort to clean up and personalize the site before I go full in developing content on this site. Up next is setting up the homestuck page to link to other write ups.


Running into the problem of no idea what to put on the site. After this gardening page comes up I'll start having to put more effort than the occasional site edit. Things more like themes, subtle text effects, and background movers possibly?


Alright so there's the rounded edges, custom starfield featuring homestuck dream bubbles,a smidge more content, and an RSS feed that is currently unrealeased


Have kicked development into overdrive (translation: i guess i'm consistent and productive now?), and now theres buttons backgrounds, webrings oh my! A lot of major overhauls are coming to all pages to make this place look so much better.


I came back to this site with a vengance and a better plan all around this time. For the several months I did minor updates like some text and a few images I guess. But the logo's revamped now! There are trays all over the website, and I am cleaning up prior entries!Slowly the whole codebase is getting easier to work with and more familiar as well. Right now I'm back to being stumped for content that doesnt involve me embarrasing myself in the art department. Anywhos more to come, sooner! Also there will be blogging!


I have pop up images now, and they look sort of wonky. But its better than (no) pop up images. Next up is the fetch modus.


It's me, back at it again with the incremental updates! This time around I forgot to log my progress from the last time. It was just touching up the NHK logo, and making the nav bars background color more appealing. After this I'm going to start working on setting up the overflow for the update bar, and maybe get some sort of wrap set up for the site as a whole. I'm sort of running out of ideas as to what content to start with but homestuck will probably be the first up on the chopping block. I plan to have a FETCH MODUS background image for the homestuck portion. Hopefully I can implement some javascript to make it more interactable.


Starting to flesh out some of the other pages on the site, as I left this site alone for quite a while. I still can't make my mind up about design decisions on the other pages, but that's something I need to work on. Deadlines are important, and so is meeting those deadlines. So for the time being, I"m going to switch the featured item, send it to manga Recs and fill the void with something Homestuck related maybe.


Okay so now I got the columns reducing from 3 to 1 on mobile, Now I'm trying to get a slow reduction and regrowth when someone resizes the window or zooms in on PC. I could do a bunch of media calls but that would be kind of annoying, and could probably be done better with some Javascript. Also I figured out that sometimes my browser caches my website and I have to clear it to see the updated version of this site. This lost me quite a lot of time and progress, but its good to know now.


Starting to like how the layout is coming together for the index, I plan to have regular updates going on so I'm trying to make content on the site flow for a bit. Site goals will get more ambitious until the point I deem it necessary to move on to more ambitious projects. But right now the layout and aesthetics of the site are the primary focus, as well as making the mobile version of the site less... grotesque. Once that is accomplished, it's time to dust off the ol' javascript and add some good old fashioned responsiveness to the site. At this point I'll probably switch focus to setting my own website up, so I can learn PHP and start getting familiar with SQL/.NET